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 2020 ERIOGONUM SOCIETY ANNUAL MEETING, Elko, Nevada. Details coming soon



Phenologically, the best dates are either June 12-14th or 19-21st.  Thumbnail of current status.  Please note that several decisions are forthcoming

The Star Hotel and the Mile High Steakhouse are my two favorite options for dinners. Decision forthcoming.

Meeting space:
 There is a neat California Trail interpretive center about 10 minutes west of Elko that has a meeting room, availability being researched. There are also several hotels with meeting facilities.

There are a ton of hotels in Elko. If we end up renting meeting room space at a hotel, we can probably get a good group rate package at the same place or get the rooms for free with a minimum number of rooms sold.

Option 1:
To accommodate the steakhouse, we would need to have the first field trip on Friday going to the Independence Range and Sunflower Flat areas, eat at Wildhorse, then return to Elko with optional side trips. Saturday would be the classroom day with a half day field trip, dinner at the Star Hotel. Sunday we would go to Ruby Valley, eat lunch and Harrison Pass, and spend the afternoon in Lamoille Canyon, people can stay late since the days are long.

Option 2:
Friday classroom and short field trip, dinner at Star Hotel or another Elko restaurant. Saturday, Ruby Valley and Mountains, dinner in Elko. Sunday, field trip to Sunflower Flat, optional dinner on your own at Mile High Steakhouse.

Janel Johnson is trying to get permission to access the ultra rare Eriogonum argophyllum in Ruby Valley. The owner she's talked to in the past died about 10 years ago and the current owner is elderly so communication is difficult at this distance. The hot spring area where is grows is dangerous and everyone would need to wear waterproof boots and tread very carefully.

Harrison Pass has great wildflowers, including lots of common buckwheats, and cool rock formations but there was a large fire nearby about a week after Janel drove through last year and she's not sure how much damage was done to the dispersed camping area that I want to visit. Lamoille Canyon has some rare plants but the rare buckwheat at the crest will probably still be covered in snow or barely growing in June and it's a very long hike up there.

We can see lewisii, desesrtorum, douglassii var. elkoense, umbellatum, heracleoides, and strictum (plus a few annuals) and a few other species of rare plants on the Sunflower Flat field trip.

Eriogonum kingii grows high in the Ruby Mountains but also on some low, white outcrops at lower elevations near Elko. There is also a location of brevicaule and watsonii near Carlin. Either would make a good half-day field trip.

Here's the list from SEINet:
Eriogonum anemophilum
Eriogonum argophyllum
Eriogonum baileyi
Eriogonum brevicaule
Eriogonum caespitosum
Eriogonum cernuum
Eriogonum crosbyae
Eriogonum desertorum
Eriogonum douglasii
Eriogonum elatum
Eriogonum esmeraldense
Eriogonum heracleoides
Eriogonum hookeri
Eriogonum kingii
Eriogonum lewisii
Eriogonum maculatum
Eriogonum microthecum
Eriogonum nidularium
Eriogonum nutans
Eriogonum ovalifolium
Eriogonum palmerianum
Eriogonum panguicense
Eriogonum proliferum
Eriogonum shockleyi
Eriogonum sphaerocephalum
Eriogonum strictum
Eriogonum umbellatum
Eriogonum villiflorum
Eriogonum vimineum
Eriogonum watsonii
Oxytheca dendroidea