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 Dolly Baker, who was Dr. Reveal's long time illustrator, has forwarded notes from Jim that document his efforts during the early days of the fledgling society.  Bob McFarlane and Hugh MacMillan had contacted him, asking if he would be interested in being the 'god father' of the new Eriogonum Society.  Of course he said yes.  After reading Dolly's message to the society, click here to see the notes.  Enjoy


To the Board of the Eriogonum Society,                                                                                         8-28-2016
It is my hope that you will find this of interest - a brief glimpse into Jim’s work progress on the Eriogonum Society Booklet.
It may be of some importance showing the many hours he spent working on this Booklet and yearly updates in addition to the countless other projects he was involved with – writing manuscripts & papers and teaching at Cornell.   I have created this Timeline for your use only, to file or do with as you will.   
The Timeline is part of a larger project that I have been working on for Carnegie Mellon’s Hunt Institute, documenting some of Jim’s work correspondence that I was fortunate to receive for a short period over several years   I have extracted relevant portions here and saved the original emails in my files for reference.
Recently there have been some issues concerning the Manual that Jim worked very hard to produce for the Eriogonum Society, and a non-existent book deal involving photos taken by another when Jim had taken thousands himself, as noted in the August entry.
It was my great pleasure to be able to attend last year’s gathering to honor Jim in Reno, and I know this year’s meeting and field trips will be a success in spite of his absence.
Dolly Baker